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Simple shell script to block failed ssh attempts

Your pbx needs to be accessible by ssh, but it’s annoying have your log files filled with failed access attempts. Here’s how to block the script kiddies…


Asterisk Security: Use iptables to Block the Bad Guys

Having your asterisk server on the public internet saves you from dealing with NAT/firewall issues, but means you will have people wandering by and testing to see if your doors are locked. This article outlines how to block IP addresses that attempt to break into your system.


Finally, an elegant way to get a Distinctive Ring on the Aastra 9133i

A simple SIP header gives distictive rings on the Aastra 9133i without having to setup multiple lines.


Run common asterisk commands without switching to the root user

The default asterisk install requires you to switch to the root user to run asterisk commands. This post describes how to create a tiny executable that allows you to run asterisk commands as a regular user.